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One-Month Package

Teens Printmaking

$220 monthly


(once a week)

*All materials are included*

Key Ideas

  • Students learn about different art materials and how to use a new media

  • Students are encouraged to think creatively and make artistic decisions

  • Students learn various technical skills of linoleum carving, etching, mono-print, and combining these skills

What is Printmaking?​

Students explore traditional printmaking techniques of linoleum printing, etching, mono-printing, and creative ways to combine these different printmaking techniques. Students learn about the principles of printmaking such as printing, presentation, and using various tools. Students learn to master the techniques of printmaking through various subject matter that encourages them to experiment with line work, texture, tones, and composition.

"If you are experiencing issue signing up, please call us at 201-500-4494 so we can assist you. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, we are working with the developer to resolve the issues as soon as possible" 

Three-Month Package
($520/3 months)

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