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online art classes

Dear Students and Parents!


We are very excited to offer online Art classes at Cre8sart School. Our goal is to continue providing the best Art classes to our students. During this time, when we must keep social distance for the well being of our students and employees, we have decided to continue working with you online. Our online classes are NOT pre-recorded, these classes are LIVE.

During our online classes students will have an opportunity to ask questions and get immediate answers like in the classroom.

The teacher will guide every student with step-by step instruction. Students will be able to show their works to the teacher at any time.

For our online classes we will be using an online platform ZOOM. It is easy to access and it's FREE. You can download the app or can access online with any device. (Please let us know if you need help using ZOOM). We will send you the code to connect to the class.



PreK: Parents' assistance during the class is recommended;

K-2 Grades: most kids can follow directions by themselves, but some assistance will be needed (adding extra paint etc.);

Grades 3-5/Teens and Adults: should be able to do these classes with the teacher and no extra assistance.



All needed supplies can be picked up from Cre8sArt School while it last (please contact us to set up time). If you'd like to purchase it online in order not to go out, please let us know, and we'll guide you through the buying process.



If you are subscribed to our classes, you will continue paying the same way. If you are NOT subscribed (canceled due to COVID-19), but have make up classes, we will first use those, and then you can purchase new classes.



For most cases, online classes are going to run like our Art Camps. We will have a specific program, where all students will be working on the same project. The program is based on students' ages and skill levels. Some exemptions are possible for Teens and Adults. They may choose to work on their own artworks.



If you can't join the class, please cancel it by text or email, and we will arrange a make up class. If a make up class is for a camp-based class, we will arrange a catch up class so you can be on the same page with other students.

Please don't hesitate to call or text should you have any questions!


I, in behalf of all Cre8sart team, wish you to be HEALTHY, to stay SAFE and be POSITIVE! I am sure we'll see you soon at Cre8sArt School. GOD Bless YOU all!

Thank you 


Pre-K to 5 grade

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Pre-K Art Mix
Currently Closed
Grades K-2 Art Mix
Currently Closed
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Grades 3-5 Art Mix

Teen & Adults

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Teens Art Mix
Currently Closed
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Adult Art Mix
Currently Closed


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