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Why choose us?

For all art lovers who value time and quality, Cre8sArt School is the best place where students have a great opportunity to attain the tricky, but essential balance between mastering fundamental art skills and to learn trusting their creative mind.


Why should you choose Cre8sArt School?

  • Cre8sArt School gives the students a chance to express themselves; it gives them a voice.

  • Art is essential for any human being as it provides them an outlet where they can express who they are, and who they want to be.

  • Creative and artistic thinking allows the students to take control of something.

  • Our classes are designed to help in developing important artistic skills in drawing, painting and observing.

  • Students will explore their own creativity and their own style.

  • Through class work and group discussions, students will develop new analytical vocabulary, conceptual thinking, and will learn to discuss their artwork.

Portfolio Preparation


  • Our team will help the students to prepare their art portfolios for high school and college admissions. 

  • During the summer camp our students will obtain a collection of work for their portfolios.

  • We will assist with selecting their best works and professionally photographing them.

Bergen County Academies, Bergen County Technical High School


These schools require 13 portfolio pieces, and 30-60 minute drawing  at the interview:

  • 4 imaginary works

  • 4 fantasy works

  • 4 observational works

  • 1 self-portrait


To be able to develop adequate drawing, shading and painting skills, it is recommended to start preparation in 6th or 7th grades.

Art Colleges & Art Programs



Art colleges and art programs require 15-20 portfolio pieces:

  • black and white observation pieces drawn from life

  • self-portrait

  • still life

  • pair of shoes

  • room interior


Please, be advised that you are going to work in color with soft oil pastels and color pencils. You will be painting with watercolor, tempera paint, acrylic and oil paint. You will create artworks from your imagination to show the level of your creativity and technical mastery. YOUR work needs to stand out from others, both technically and foremost creatively. You need to make a time commitment and be consistent in preparation.

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