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Chess Lessons​

(In-Person only)

 Benefits of Chess

  1. Chess raises kids IQ

  2. It increases kid’s problem-solving skills

  3. Chess improves spatial skills

  4. It improves the memory of a child

  5. It exercises both sides of the brain 

  6. It increases the creativity of a kid

  7. It improves the concentration of a child

  8. Chess teaches planning and foresight

 Beginners (1 hour)

This course is designed to teach chess to students who have none or limited prior knowledge of the game. This course consists of 16-32 lessons.

  • Learn all the rules of the game, including special moves

  • Understand important checkmate methods

  • Learn about the opening, middle-game, and endgame.


 Intermediate (1.5 hours)

This level is great for kids who have solid to complete understanding of the rules of the game and are ready for the next challenge. 


 Advanced (2 hours)

This course features advanced chess games and analysis of these games. Students will become increasingly comfortable with elements of tournament games, including managing their clocks and score-sheets. 

Chess Instructor

Mina Samaan is our chess instructor. He graduated from a regionally accredited college with a GPA of 3.45, majored in Education, and minored in Language Instruction.  

Mr Samaan's chess journey began in High School. In college he was qualified for  The City Chess Club's program in Egypt to teach and coach chess in schools. He was trained with a known Egyptian Chess Master called Mr. Taghian. 

As a Chess Expert, Mr Samaan joined several after-school programs to coach and tutor Chess, Logic, and Strategic Planning here in the USA. With his Strategic Planning, understanding of the aspects of the game, and exceptional chess coaching skills, he can understand the weaknesses and strengths of students, and help them focus on their game needs and areas that need improvements.

Please note: Our chess classes are not age specific – any child at any                          age can be in any of the classes. Levels are based entirely                        on the children’s knowledge of the game.

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