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Welcome to a Cre8sArt Community where Passion meets Paintbrushes, and Imagination knows No Bounds! Cre8sArt School's doors are open to a diverse range of artists, spanning across different age groups and skill levels. Programs offered for students as young as 3 years old, as well as for kids, teens and adults, including Portfolio Prep for High school and College students.


Contact Cre8sArt School to join a space where Colors come to life, Shapes tell stories, and every Stroke contributes to a shared canvas of Creativity. We are more than an Art School; we are a Community passionate about fostering artistic growth and celebrating the diverse talents within.


Summer Camp

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Summer Camp

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Available Classes

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Portfolio Prep

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Graphic Design

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BYOB Fridays

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Fashion Illustration

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Enrichment Programs

Cre8sart School offers art enrichment programs to public and private schools, tailored to the age group of your students, starting at the age of 3. Our objective is to spark creativity, imagination, and improve technical and motor skills. Student's will engage in fun/easy-to-follow art projects involving drawing, painting, clay, and crafts. Our instructors will demonstrate projects step by step, and work with  students to make sure they go home with a project they are proud of. During the past year, we very much enjoyed working with local Montessori schools, and learning centers, such as Small World in Fort Lee, Children's Home Montessori, Tessa and Step By Step in Hoboken.

Please contact us if you are interested in having our enrichment program at your school.


Our Mission

Our Instructors teach to explore your cre8tive mind

You learn to turn your imagination into reality

Cre8sArt School gives you a voice to express yourself

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